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Portadown Rugby Football Academy

In this professional era the game at international & provincial level is moving forward at a rapid rate of knots and only the best structures can compete at this level. The same can be said of Portadown RFC who are continuing to maximise their resources in order to compete and succeed at All Ireland level. The club is beginning to realise the importance of introducing an elite player program within it's own structure in order to continue providing players for the 1stXV and the under 20XV teams. In order to achieve this the club has introduced an academy structure to entice the best young players not only in the club but also from other areas around Portadown.

To produce quality players for the 1stXV & under 20'sXV and increase the standard of play for an extended playing squad
To increase the knowledge of players for the level of game they are to play
To increase the level of fitness for the level of game they are to play

The Aim of the academy is to
- Train
- Educate
- Discipline
- Teach
- Drill
- Prepare
- Instruct
- Develop

We will also ensure the players that attend, receive the correct level of fitness that should incorporate the following

- Endurance
- Contact fitness
- Strength endurance
- Aerobic endurance
- Fast Strength
- Strength aerobic
- Speed, Agility & Quickness (SAQ)
- Flexibility

NB The above takes into account a players age, size, ability before a program is set out for the individual.

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